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Tawow! A very warm welcome!


Miywēyihtamowin mistahi nitayānān osām ōma okiskinohamawiwinawāw ē-ati-mīskocipayik isi ka-kiskinohamācik onēhiyawinawāw. We are grateful for and excited by these amazing times of transformation at Maskēkosihk. Ēwi-nohtē-wītatoskēyimtāhk onīkīkomāwak kitawāsimisiwāwak ka-miyo-mahcihocik, kamiywēhitahkik kiskinohamawāwin kakiskēyihtahkik e-sākihicik. We want to work with you the parents and your children, so that they are healthy, happy, successful, community-minded, Maskēkosihk Nēhiyaw students

Tawow! A very warm welcome!2018-08-30T17:27:30-06:00

Chris Scribe, Keynote Speaker, Kitaskinaw School Staff Orientation


The Future is Now-Indian Control of Colonial Education! Chris Scribe, Director of the Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP), U of S, inspired everyone in a powerful presentation on Indigenous Control of Colonial Education. Chris defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Chief Billy Morin has also said

Chris Scribe, Keynote Speaker, Kitaskinaw School Staff Orientation2018-08-30T15:45:15-06:00