On a cold Thursday in Kisepîsim – ᑭᓭ ᐲᓯᒼ, the Great Moon Month of January, the Culture Department organized Buffalo Teachings for the students. This was a very important and respectful event, full of valued, traditional knowledge sharing, which the entire school appreciated.

Grades 5 and up received a hands on approach, while the kindergarten through grade 4 observed.

We thank everyone who came out to share in the experience of skinning and cutting the buffalo. We are sharing a little more information here to provide some answers to questions that were asked on this day.

In our culture, when hunting, we use all of the parts of the animal. Nothing is wasted. This is how our buffalo was used. Proper protocol was used and tobacco given when we received the buffalo.

The hide, horns, tongue and skull were given to a female pipe holder. The liver, heart, tail and kidneys went to the Culture Department. The meat was given to community elders and the Culture Department to be used in ceremonies. Other organs went to be tested for research purposes. The bones are distributed to a variety of staff members to be used for personal use.

The adults that were helping were chosen because of their hunting experience. Proper protocol was followed for this as well (tobacco).

If you have any other questions please ask Patsy A. at the school. Also, if you have any pictures you would like to share, please email them to Patsy. We will put them in a slide show for everyone to see

ay hiy to the Culture Department. We are thankful for this helpful partnership with you, which strengthens our students’ knowledge of our traditional ways, and affirms identity as maskēkosihk nehiyaw.