“This event was really awesome…” Successful College and University Post-Secondary School Fair at Kitaskinaw School!

On Monday, November 19th 2018 was the first time that the Educational Liaison Association of Alberta (ELAA) had ever visited Kitaskinaw School! We received really positive feedback from the coordinator who said, “This event was really awesome, and I had a lot of great conversations with people here.”

Many of the recruiters left the gym with smiles and thanked us for all of the hard work we put into the event.

Post-secondary school recruiters, Kitaskinaw students and community members attended. There were tons of door prizes, thanks to donations from the school and the post-secondary recruiters who brought swag items for our event.

We are very grateful for all the support we received. Organizers left the school feeling really good about the extra time we all gave to the school and the community. A huge shout out goes to all high school students, staff and volunteers who helped with planning, promoting, organizing, set up, and tear down. We thank:

  • Amanda Arcand-Ward
  • Draven Arcand-Ward
  • Colleen Cowan-Raine
  • Shalynn Ginther (former student)
  • Davin Horsethief
  • Braidon Morin
  • Julian Morin
  • Tyson Ward
  • Creeann Saddleback
  • The High School Team

A special shout out goes to Cynthia Cowan, who greatly assisted by picking community members up and bringing them to the school for the event. Her efforts are much appreciated by everyone!

Thank you, all!