As a new teacher at Kitaskinaw School in 2016, it quickly became apparent that there were very few, if any, student vehicles. Considering the importance of getting a license, it was clear something had to be done. Students needed to appreciate that getting a license means: meeting the requirement of transportation to employment; making the community safer for everyone; and the freedoms granted when the dependence on others is gone.

That winter Kitaskinaw School launched a driver training initiative. The humble beginnings of the program consisted of transporting a handful of students, along with their guardians, by bus to the register’s office. When they arrived, each students wrote their learner’s license exam. Since that time Kitaskinaw’s driving program has considerably grown. Working in partnership with A and J Driving school we are the first to offer a fully funded, provincially recognized, driver training program. This year Kitaskinaw is expecting to enroll 34 students.

Kitaskinaw would like to congratulate the following students on achieving their learner’s license:

  • Faith Papin
  • Colleen Cowan
  • Colwyn Callingbull
  • Kinisha Ward
  • Shyla Morin
  • Tierra Ward
  • Ty Ginther
  • Nellie Gordon
  • Amanda Arcand
  • Damian Alexander

Kitaskinaw School would like to congratulate the following students on achieving their driver’s license:

  • Amanda Arcand
  • Kinisha Ward

Kyle Spohn, Work Experience Coordinator/Teacher